Interview-1 :Meaning of painting

Q: How did you get interested in painting as a child?

This could be a typical kids story, but I was just obsessed about drawing at the age of 4 or 5. 

It was not rare for me to spend most of the day drawing & painting without thinking about the time. I believe my concentration was on a different level when I was doing it.

Reviewing those my early works brings me back to the very pure standpoint I was at as a child.

Q: This is a very fundamental question, but what is art for you?

It's not something difficult to understand, but to be close to our daily life & touchable at ease.

In my creative activity, a work should come out of me quite naturally rather than be materialized by design. I couldn't be happier if my audience also had that kind of natural stance in seeing my works & others.

I don't stick to a particular ideology or thought in creating my work as they are supposed to inevitably change with the times.

Q: Where does your inspiration come from?

Mainly from mother nature. Mountains, water...especially clouds & sky are hard to understand or unexplainable in words.

Expressing those "hard-to-visualize" stuff has been a major theme in my creative work.

To be continued to Ep.2

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