Interview-4: Routine & Slump

Q: In getting started a new work, do you have any fixed routines?

I don't have anything like that, what I habitually do. But just a tiny little thing I do myself is to make sure that my mind has a clean slate.

This particular stage in my creative process, I mean, starting from zero or nothing, can be said that I intentionally drive myself insecure every time I face a new canvas.

And the thing really matters to me is what can be found through that whole process started as nothing.

Q: Have you ever had a slump? If so, how do you get over it?

Though I haven't had it for years, but I did when I was younger.

Back in the day, I was just believing that I am the one creating a work. However, your creativity would ruin in the end if you keep pushing yourself really hard. 

So at some point I realized that my art should be the one to be emerged & formed more naturally without being forcedly pushed out.

I've never had a slump in my life since this thought came in. Of course, it's crucial to keep your mind fresh anytime in order to keep such a state.

It could be listening to good music, taking a walk or putting yourself in a nature. So the key to me is maintaining the freedom of my soul through those activities.

To be continued to Interview-5

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