Interview-2: Creative Activity

Q: Is there anything that you might be sacrificing for your creative activity? And what is the most important thing in it?

Well, nothing makes me feel like that way. This is not what someone is forcing me to do, it's totally my choice & where my passion goes toward.

One belief I have for this is "Not to be stuck in a fixed idea", being open-minded anytime. 

As the Japanese old saying has it, it's crucial for us creative people to keep beginner's humility. What we learn from our experience easily fixes our visions & thoughts narrowing our viewpoint. 

Of course, we could be benefited from our own experience form time to time, but when it comes to creative activity, we tend to be captured by it without noticing.

So I always reset my mind whenever I face a new canvas, which can be called "the state of zero". That's how innocent kids naturally do this.

Q: What's the clear definition of good or bad in creating works?

If I had the clear one in my mind, my activity would be much more relaxed with no stress because I'll keep following the direction from there.

If I have to raise one criterion I have, that could be eternity, where you can't recognize a start & end.

To make it more specific, I by myself like a work which makes me think deeply to understand rather than one which gives me a specific answer. 

So I want my works to provide that kind of feeling to my audience and sometimes that could be fear or sense of eternity.

To be continued to Ep.3

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