Interview-3: Consciousness

Q: How much are you conscious of audience in making your work?

If I say Not at all, it could be too decisive, but basically not. 

Maybe I should be to some extent in thinking about how it's supposed to be appreciated in their everyday life.

However, I believe the scope would be unconsciously enlarged once it's taken into consideration, potentially resulting in very much audience-centered works.

So I hardly see that factor in my creative work & just believe in what spurs me on.

Q: Which is the most memorable one among your previous works?

Actually, I don't have any particular one. As for me, creating work is directly equal to new findings.

If I feel "OK, this painting is completed!" or "My style is reaching to perfection", that could be the end of my life as an artist.

Therefore, works with eternity ... the one which makes me reflect on or drives me into a new journey on a white canvas is what exactly I'm looking for anytime. 

I mean, completion is not a goal in my activity.

To be continued to Interview-4

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